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(A).Elementary Chinese Level-1 (Basic Spoken, Conversational Mandarin Chinese)

  • Course Duration: 40Hrs.
  • Course Objectives: This course is designed particularly for adults who having ZERO and a very limited prior knowledge in Mandarin Chinese and may not be able to read Simplified Chinese ‘PINYIN’ or Characters. Lacking in basic Chinese words and it find difficult to answer simple questions in Chinese. In this we will teach basic Chinese Pronunciation and how to develop basic conversation like to starts with Greetings, Self-Intro, Shopping, Office Conversation, Restaurant food ordering etc.
  • Advantages: End of the session or successfully completion of the course students will able to speak and able to understand expression and views of Chinese Languages. Communicating with Chinese people may easier. One can do interpretation easily. End of the session one can speak and understand confidently.
  • Target Audience: Absolute Fresher

(B).Elementary Chinese Level-2, Intermediate Level (Reading & Writing)

  • Course Duration: 4 Months.
  • Course Objectives: This program is designed to introduce basic strokes and Writing the Characters called Hanzi. During the entire session we will teach 600 to 900 basic characters. End of the session or completion of the course students able to speak fluently, able to identify characters, able to write and able to read. Without hesitation students will be able to Read and write the Simplified Chinese Characters. Students can be a master in the basic rules of grammar structured in Chinese. One can able to write simple sentences to express.
  • Advantages: Upon successful completion of this course students will be become acquainted with specific vocabulary and varied forms used in Taiwan and mainland China. The goal of this course is to prepare them towards an advanced level of proficiency.
  • Target Audience: Eligibility, students who successfully completed Basic Chinese Level-1, Fundamental.

(C). Elementary Chinese Level-3 & 4(Pre-Advanced & Advanced) Intensive Courses

  • Course Duration: 3 Months.
  • Course Objectives: End of the session Students are able to speak and communicate properly. Perfectly able to read and write. Students can easily participate in any discussion or debate like in personal, social and economic topics with Native Chinese Speakers.
  • Advantages: Students Develop further abilities to reading & writing in simplified Chinese. In this students can have more in-depth knowledge & understanding of Chinese Culture and society.
  • Target Audience: This course is designed for students who completed successfully basic elementary Chinese Level-1 & 2.