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Our in-house foreign language resources and experts are well capable to do all kind of translation work also our services will meet and exceed your expectations. Our Corporate vision is to aim to get it right the first time and for all the time.

Our team having few goals to maintain our quality:

  1. To infuse high quality work for all the projects.
  2. On time delivery of projects.
  3. While working for client maintaining Total Quality management System called TEPR (Translate, Edit, Proofread and Review).

We work to ensure that all our translation meet our client’s full satisfaction by implementing TQMS. To following TEPR system it enables us to meet high quality translations as required by many high level clients. Our quality control system is structured to prevent errors and maintain the high quality of services which is provided by us.

For information all our translators, interpreters and staff have signed Non-Disclosure Agreements and we have strict procedures of control to ensure that information stays within the tasked personal and client.

What we do in Translation:

  1. Document Translation (Technical & Non-Technical Both).
  2. Translation for Legal Document.
  3. Translation for Finance Document.
  4. Translation for website & services.
  5. Desktop Publishing Services.
  6. Services for Voice over and Dubbing.
  7. Proof Reading & Editing.
  8. Captioning & Subtitling Services.
  9. All kind of Certificates & Passport Translation Services.
  10. Lease Agreement Translation etc.

To know more about our translation services, Rate structures etc write an email to us:

For TRANSLATION SERVICES and For QUALITY ISSUES: info@mandarinschoolchennai.com