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Mandarin School, Chennai is one of the most elite institutes here in Chennai where we mainly focus on teaching Chinese language alone. We teach spoken, written Mandarin as well as advanced Chinese to students from all walks of life.

Now as you know China has become India’s largest trading partner. The bilateral trade between these two countries has crossed $51.8 billion. This is bound to increase in the coming years when Chinese products and Indian services are mutually exchanged.

Ever increased demand in the educational sector made Indian students flock Chinese educational institutes in the recent past due to their easy admission procedure, affordable fees structure and better standards. Indian IT professionals too are bound to follow the suit.

But there is one common problem faced by Indians going to China, i.e. they find it difficult to understand their language, traditions and customs. To fill this gap we provide in depth knowledge in Chinese language to students who join us. Mandarin Institute was started for this sole purpose and makes it easier for Indians who visit China. On completion of our language course, the learners will gain confidence in using the language and would be able to boldly go ahead with their plans in China.

Our highly skilled tutor makes learning Chinese a joyful experience. By overcoming the language barrier you can achieve success in all your endeavors. So master the language at Mandarin Institute to become an ardent lover of Chinese language.

Target Audience:

  • IT Professionals.
  • Business Executive
  • Business/ Industrialist
  • Colleges Students
  • School Children & Kids.
  • House wife/ Retired person
  • Tourism and Hotel management industry people
  • Doctors & other medical Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs and Retired army personal etc…