Each and Every individual having different needs & goals.

Doesn’t matter whether you are in senior level wanting to learn Chinese, Few technical people who wants to learn industry-specific vocabulary or a marketing professional who wants to be prompt in Mandarin language. Mandarin School, Chennai will design a tailor-made study plan for all who keen to learn this Language.

As Mandarin expert we have a highly motivated dedicated & dynamic team and we have an enough experience to organize Orientation Briefings and Cultural Workshops in any corporate houses. We will understand your requirements first and accordingly we will prepare & designed the courses to deliver.In this course we will teach basic spoken, during the session we will apply all the possible easy methods to understand well so that end of the session everybody will gain enough to understand expression and view of the languages.

Syllabus We Covered In Level 1 :

  • Introduction to the Chinese Language and Dialects
  • Pinyin & Tones
  • Greetings & Self Introduction (Name, City, Country, Nationality)
  • Numerals
  • Colors
  • Year, Month, Date, Birthday, Age
  • Time of Day, Weather, Seasons,
  • Question Words
  • Revision
  • Transportation, Directions, Relative Distances
  • Basic Travel Conversations
  • Utensils & Menu Card
  • Restaurant Conversations
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Hotel Booking
  • Shopping
  • Family
  • Hospitals and Body Parts
  • Office Vocabulary, Email, Telephone, Working in China, Basic Business aspects
  • Q&A, Revision

Being a service provider our Responsibilities are as follows:

  • We will train all your selected participants in Mandarin Chinese Spoken language as per the program schedule.
  • Course duration will be fixed based on requirements.
  • We are responsible to provide instructor for all Modules.
  • We are responsible to manage effectiveness of the program.
  • We are responsible to coordinate with you for scheduling of classes on mutually convenient terms.

Being a client your deliverable are as follows:

  • Client would make the program mandatory for all the selected participants with a minimum of 95% attendance in order to make the program effective.
  • Client responsibility is to provide White board, LCD, Video and Audio equipment as necessary without any cost to the service provider.
  • Client responsible for paying Tuition Fee and Administration Cost.
  • Client responsibilities are to take care well being of our instructor during training session which includes transportation facilities and others..

Corporate & Group program available on demand.

For more details send your query to info@mandarinschoolchennai.com