If someone planning to visit China for Business purpose, official or a personal, this Course helps them in order to prepare in advance. Businessman or business Executives, frequently travelling to China for a business meeting, this course will help them to strengthen relationship with their clients. This course is suits for Government and non- government functionaries /representatives working in China and who need to be able to communicate at various LEVEL. This course suits for all professionals.

Course Content :

Short term Mandarin Chinese course depend participants profession, proficiency in Mandarin Chinese and objectives. Our Course content covered all basic includes all four levels e.g. Basic (Beginners), intermediate, Survival and advanced level. All major areas covered in our courses during the session.

  • Fluency in Conversation
  • How to Enhance Listening skills
  • Pronunciation (PinYin), accent & Tones.
  • How to enhance Reading skills
  • Call attending or telephonic skills in Mandarin
  • Develop Email & Writing skills in Mandarin
  • Technical & Non-Technical terminology
  • Develop Presentation & negotiation skills etc.

Mandarin School Chennai offers The Ultimate Crash Course in Simplified Chinese Called ‘Mandarin’ to learn JUST in 7(Seven) Days.

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